A perfect blending of craftsmanship and technology.

CAP Fixtures employs a robust and comprehensive manufacturing effort — equipping our highly skilled and coordinated team of quality-minded craftspeople with the most advanced, digitally automated machining and finishing technologies.

CNC-driven equipment provide the speed and precision; experienced fabricators maintain a watchful eye on the fit-and-finish of assembly line protocols; and, while all phases of production rely on automated controls, CAP’s manufacturing regimens are flexible enough to adapt to mid-process design modifications or production schedule shifts.

Our broad scope of equipment and custom workshop technologies also support a level of flexibility that few fixture providers can provide. CAP’s automated manufacturing line is fortified by an arsenal of laser-cutting, metal-forming, arc-welding, and inject-molding technologies — and sustained by a full spectrum of dedicated, mill-work, and material-fabrication departments that shape wood, metal, acrylics, glass, specialty laminates, veneers and reclaimed materials.
Plus in-plant chrome-plating and powder-coating facilities round out our domestic manufacturing capabilities.

A blended approach saves time and money.
All production capabilities are available in the states, overseas, or as a blended effort that can easily address program scheduling deadlines, budgetary requirements and logistical issues. Bringing full import capabiities to the table, our proven long term dedicated partners in China, Korea, and Taiwan ensure that our quality and pricing exceed expectations. More than 15 years of importing experience has proven our ability.

An industry leader in domestic wood fabrication.

With a more than 275,000 SF Domestic Production Facility and 250,000 SF Asian Production Facilities, CAP is able to blend US and China KD and fully assembled wood fixtures – realizing real savings for our clients.

With the latest in Computer Controlled Technology insuring fast, accurate, low-waste manufacturing, Our multiple CNC Busalatto machine centers work together with the Thermwood twin table routers to ensure consistency from start to finish!

Wood Finishing Capabilities:

  • High and Low Pressure Laminates
  • Melamine
  • Vinyl
  • Veneers
  • Solid Wood Stains
  • Color Matching: HPL, Melamine, Vinyl and Painted
  • Powder Coat Paint
  • Low VOC Finishes

Domestic Machinery List:

  • 5 Thermwood Two-table nesting routers
  • 1 Busellato Point to Point router
  • 1 Biesse Stream Edge bander
  • 1 Homag Ambition Edge bander
  • 2 Contour Edge banders
  • 1 Holzma Panel Saw

New in 2018!

  • 1 Union Tool Hot Melt PUR Lamination System
  • 1 New Panel Saw

We Specialize in High Volume Edge banding:
.018 mm Up to 3.0 mm
CAP Offers Radius Edge banding From .018mm

An in-house metal fabrication department with capabilities ranging from the smallest accessories to entire metal displays.

With blended domestic and Asian import capabilities CAN HANDLE ALL YOUR METAL NEEDS!

Full Freestanding Racks and Fixtures, Wire, tube, sheet and bar stock materials manufactured from High end quality to economical stockroom. Both fully assembled and KD for integration with domestic and import wood fixturing.

All Plated and Powder Coated Metal Finishes Available.

Emphasizing responsible, sustainable manufacturing guidelines.

CAP Fixtures is proud of the LEED designation given for our environmentally conscious manufacturing guidelines. The use of formaldehyde-free fiberboards, post-consumer metals, biodegradable printing surfaces, and non-VOC inks, sprays and coatings are all a part of our aggressive sustainability effort.

Pollutant reduction procedures, and energy conservation measures, are also essential components of CAP’s committed approach to responsible manufacturing. Advanced dust collection technologies; nested-based CNC equipment; electric lift trucks; and smart cargo-loading software are just some of the techniques CAP employs. These environmentally compliant materials, and processes, are not only cost-efficient, production alternatives but also responsible ways to reduce pollution, material waste, and fuel consumption— helping to shrink the world’s carbon footprint. It’s just one more way CAP is offering a better manufacturing approach to its global clientele.