Our diligent project managers keep schedules on track, and customers informed.

CAP project coordinators, and account supervisors, are sticklers for scheduling details, minimizing production obstacles and coordinating with clients on a daily basis. Major rollouts typically linger in the approval stages for some time before a campaign can be strategically finalized, and ultimately launched. Rollout deadlines are often tight, so maintaining condensed schedules, and avoiding delays, is understandably critical to the success, or failure, of a time-sensitive program. From the outset, members of CAP’s management team, in concert with a dedicated account supervisor, will iron out the details of timeline, budget, and design parameters, before the creative team is briefed and assigned. Clients are updated daily during every stage of prototype development, engineering, manufacturing, distribution prep, delivery and final installation. As modifications arise, schedules are adjusted, and expedited, to keep projects on course… and on time.