With 275,000 square feet of warehouse facility, we have the ability to build ahead and store finished product to quickly fulfill daily customer needs.

CAP’s Barcoding and highly organized inventory management system will ensure your inventory is accurate and available on demand.


Preparation for complex, large-scale fixture shipments demands top-notch, warehousing-and-inventory-management controls that can effectively provide precise, real time-data reporting to all concerned parties.

CAP utilizes the preferred Global Shop software system, which can directly link into client-managed, tracking-and-coding tools to trace inventory, pinpoint pick-up and distribution sites, coordinate with carriers and delivery sites, and schedule installation assignments.

CAP maintains a dedicated-inventory, warehousing network— nationally, and internationally— that strategically places pre-packed, finished units in close proximity to final store destinations. Regardless of program size — from a single POP display to a complete retail makeover— CAP’s exacting inventory controls, and white-glove, quality controlled, shipping procedures guarantee 100%-assured, on-time delivery of pristine units— perfectly-prepped for installation.

Before being staged for shipping at one of over 30 loading docks, each order is...

  • assembled
  • inspected
  • packaged
  • bar coded and labeled

CAP customer service department will…
Manage and Coordinate all shipments with customer and carriers.
Ensure all possible tasks are completed to enable consistent on time deliveries