Logistics & Distribution Perfectly planned, packed, tracked, and shipped for safe, on time, delivery.

Regardless of how a well-planned campaign is designed, built, and prepped for rollout, if fixtures don’t arrive on time, and retail ready, the initiative has failed— the retailer, the marketer and the consumer. The timely transport of retail displays, fixtures and furnishings may be the most critical, and collaborative, step of a retail rollout. Pinpoint planning virtually eliminates any confusion, and costly human error. Faithful execution seals the deal.

Maintaining an international network of distribution warehouses, staffed by seasoned teams of logistics experts, and equipped with foolproof, labeling, coding, and tracking, technologies, CAP Fixtures expertly coordinates all sides of the logistics effort. CAP simply never misses a delivery deadline. That assurance begins with clear identification channels positioned in over 100,000 square feet of strategically located, warehouse-distribution space.

CAP’s customized-coding- and-labeling systems verify shipments at the source. Every fixture is securely pallet-wrapped (with options for sustainable packaging), and container packed with white-glove care, and plenty of lead-time. Twenty-four-hour, pre-arranged transport scheduling and management predetermine any, and all, delivery restrictions, and coordinate timing and drop locations. Once a carrier has departed, proprietary, tracking software keeps both the client, and CAP’s logistics team, and rollout managers, abreast of shipment location and delivery ETA.

CAP Fixtures partners with leading, world-class transportation, and logistical, professionals— ensuring that fulfillment is supported by CAP’s full arsenal of capabilities and services. Every program is uniquely evaluated to address intrinsic budgetary, and lead-time, requirements based on the designated modes of shipment— from ocean freight… to priority air… to intra-continental, and trans-border, land deliveries.

All truckload shipments are documented with photos.

As each truck is loaded pictures on CAP I-Pads are taken and then loaded to our cloud account for reference and review if needed to verify a shipment. Photos available to customer upon request.

Before being staged for shipping at one of over 30 loading docks, each order is...

  1. assembled
  2. inspected
  3. packaged
  4. bar coded and labeled

CAP customer service department will…
Manage and Coordinate all shipments with customer and carriers.
Ensure all possible tasks are completed to enable consistent on time deliveries