Innovative design. Intelligent Engineering. Greater Value.

The design team at CAP Fixtures takes its cue directly from the brand, and how it fits within a customer’s campaign vision and presentation motives. Before a creative solution can be applied, every aspect of brand direction, spatial concerns, product presentation, budgetary factors, and logistical planning and installation are strategized and planned.

Once application designs, and aesthetic qualities, are embraced, fixtures must then be systematically, and intelligently, engineered by weighing a variety of inherent considerations. Sustainability, scalability, practicality, functionality, portability and affordability must all be entered into the equation before manufacturing can actually build the fixture.

CAP engineers are always guided by these important structural characteristics— intent on adding greater value to fixture production by maximizing material yields, building-in store-to-store uniformity, and reducing the need for custom-builds and additional shipping and installation costs. The math is simple. When calculating the production of quality fixtures and furnishings… innovative design plus intelligent engineering inarguably equates to greater value.

Virtual Reality

Ever striving to be on the bleeding edge of innovation – CAP Fixtures has invested heavily in Computer Aided Technology (CAD) and is indeed taking it one step further, delving into the world of Virtual Reality (VR) to put our engineering and design capabilities on steroids.

Prototyping is expensive! When you consider the time and cost of prototyping a new idea, only to find that in reality it doesn’t fit or work exactly as you anticipated – and you need to go “back to the drawing board” a few times to get it just right, you begin to understand why CAP Fixtures has adopted Virtual Reality for design, engineering and prototyping. By using VR, we are able to:

  • Reduce the risk and costs associated with physical prototyping
  • Avoid many re-development costs associated with physical prototyping
  • Accelerate implementation
  • Allow designers, engineers and clients to (virtually) EXPERIENCE the prototype in its planned environment.

In the initial stages of the design process, we can create a VR presentation that provides a realistic sense of scale, color, ergonomics, and visual appeal – BEFORE one piece of material is cut.

“We have had great success with Carter’s, Justice, and Lane Bryant in making quick revisions to size and color on concepts that take as short as a few minutes to accomplish, rather than weeks in physical prototyping.” Notes Jason Prosnik – President of CAP Fixtures.

Read more about CAP’s use of Virtual Reality here: