At CAP, our Fixture Installation Division enables us to provide the complete turnkey service often needed by our customers.

Our proven long term dedicated team in China, Korea, and Taiwan ensure our quality and pricing exceed expectations in solid Wood, Laminates, Veneers, Metal and Plastics production. 4 of the 5 factories we place work with in China are ISO 9001 Certified with structured QC Processes. We have developed and maintained strong relationships with these factories and have a designated CAP Project Manager in China monitoring QC processes order by order.

Conversely, our Asian factory partners assign a designated Project Manager to CAP to oversee orders and to maintain Quality Standards. And our Import Sourcing Director travels to China regularly to review production and investigate new potential business partners.

First Article Inspection

CAP’s quality control technician will inspect all first articles from a new production program upon receipt in Columbus.

Incoming Fixture Assembly

New program fixtures are assembled and tested for quality, fit and function upon receipt.


All parts for a program order are bar coded, scanned and put into inventory by account, and product number.


Is verified satisfactory and in conformance with plan for shipping for each fixture.

Order Fulfillment

All assembled fixtures are inspected prior to packaging and shipping.
Fixtures shipping KD are spot checked to prevent quality issues from being realized in the field.

Shipment Record

There are three images called Truck Pic #1, 2 and 3 attached – use whichever you want here.
All truckload shipments are documented with photos. As each truck is loaded pictures on CAP I-Pads are taken and then loaded to our cloud account for reference and review if needed to verify a shipment. Photos available to customer upon request.


  • Confirm drawings with factory in person or on Skype conference call.
  • All materials, dimensions, engineering is reviewed and verified.
  • Initiate QC Worksheet for each item on order.
  • File Customer Provided Drawings and QC Worksheet in CAP Dropbox monitored by CAP. Dropbox is archived by Customer.

Week 1

Material Samples & Drawings

  • Material sample board developed and provided to client for approval.
  • Approved material samples are archived by CAP and factory.
  • Factory Production drawings completed and sent to client for redlines, and approval

Week 2-3

First Review

  • Complete QC Worksheets on first articles and file in Dropbox.
  • Add photos of each part into CAP Dropbox.
  • Add Checked-Off dimensions on every drawing, initial, and file in CAP Dropbox.
  • Add QC Worksheets, Drawings, and photos to Dropbox.

Week 3-4

Production & Packout

  • Continue providing updated QC Worksheets.
  • Add final fixture/part photos of each part into CAP Dropbox.
  • Final photos of PACK OUT of fixtures and Q.C. Sign Off Worksheet.

Week 5-6-7-8